Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Ok, I don't know about any of the rest of you but guess what? There IS a place in the adult world for Cougars and older women who do not have washboard abs and perfect size 3 bodies. I have asked hundreds of men around the country what they DON'T like about porn and alot of them say "why are most all of the girls young?"!!
Well gosh darn!! I've been asking that for YEARS.

No offense to young starlets, but let's face it- there are alot of men who don't want to watch girls that could be thier daughters or granddaughters get fucked on film. I have been in some spectrum of the adult industry for most of my life and I remember when I was young older gents would back away from me because to them it was "wrong" even though we may all think they shouldn't be the "moral police" well, they are allowed to be for what makes them comfortable.

Men like variety- Some men are going to want to watch the fantasy of barely legal some men are going to want to watch the cute co-ed. some men are going to want to see a young housewife, some men are going to want to see the "soccer mom" and some men are going to want to watch the "empty nester" all the way up to the granny and the widow.

Some men like thin women, the majority of men actually like women with some meat on thier bones (trust me I have been both teeny tiny and a size 9/10 they prefer a 9/10 -at least on me). I think directors and producers need to stop pumping out cookie cutter barbie films and start pumping out variety. After all, aren't men our majority of clientele?? Isn't the customer always right? I give my fans what they want :)