Sunday, October 16, 2011

I need my fans Help!!

Hi all,

I desperately need your help at this time. I will be going into the hospital on Halloween and will be inpatient until November 1oth.

I have Epilepsy and they need to do extensive testing as my seizures are not under control. At this time I only have them when I sleep, but I have them every night.
Epilepsy affects 1 out of every 100 people and kills 10,000 more people every year than Breast Cancer. Mine is especially dangerous because it happens while I sleep and it puts me at danger for SUDEP: Sudden Death in Epilepsy.

My insurance is covering most of this but I need help to come up with the rest. It is hard for me to ask for help, but I cannot work at this time. Any ammount will help and if you DM me your address I will send you a thank you gift.

I love you all so very much

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Ok, I don't know about any of the rest of you but guess what? There IS a place in the adult world for Cougars and older women who do not have washboard abs and perfect size 3 bodies. I have asked hundreds of men around the country what they DON'T like about porn and alot of them say "why are most all of the girls young?"!!
Well gosh darn!! I've been asking that for YEARS.

No offense to young starlets, but let's face it- there are alot of men who don't want to watch girls that could be thier daughters or granddaughters get fucked on film. I have been in some spectrum of the adult industry for most of my life and I remember when I was young older gents would back away from me because to them it was "wrong" even though we may all think they shouldn't be the "moral police" well, they are allowed to be for what makes them comfortable.

Men like variety- Some men are going to want to watch the fantasy of barely legal some men are going to want to watch the cute co-ed. some men are going to want to see a young housewife, some men are going to want to see the "soccer mom" and some men are going to want to watch the "empty nester" all the way up to the granny and the widow.

Some men like thin women, the majority of men actually like women with some meat on thier bones (trust me I have been both teeny tiny and a size 9/10 they prefer a 9/10 -at least on me). I think directors and producers need to stop pumping out cookie cutter barbie films and start pumping out variety. After all, aren't men our majority of clientele?? Isn't the customer always right? I give my fans what they want :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Things that make me go hmm....

There are so many things that make me go "hmmm..." I don't know where to start. I am a very positive person and like to be around positive people, but sometimes someone says something that just fucks up the mojo of my day.

Example- I had been Emailing with a producer/performer over the past week. I was very honest about the kind of sexual freak I am, what I like, do, don't do (REALLY SHORT LIST ON DON'T LOL). He had initially said he wanted to talk rates and shoot some content...

Well.. all of a sudden today he starts talking about how he wants to fuck me -like off camera- I was straight up told him I have an S/O.Then all of a sudden he blocks me and I was like WTF?
Is this not PORN? Do we not have sex on film for money? Damn we all have bills to pay but this guy wants a freebie? Not to mention that even if I was single I don't just  give it up like that!!

We work in the SEX business....  I love having sex in my life with various people. I am polyamorous by nature, but don't expect me to just lay it out when I don't even know you.

Rant over......

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Drinking,Drugging and why it doesn't belong in porn.

I am far from a perfect human being- trust me I have many flaws. I can however say that I haven't ever done drugs or alcohol- watching my older siblings taught me what NOT to do.

On twitter there is always someone tweeting about getting "fucked up" or making references to various street drugs and alcohol.

Social drinking I find acceptable. I do not partake, but it doesn't bother me. What DOES bother me is when people let substances get in the way of leading a productive life.

I see tweets from Producers all the time about girls being flakey, hung over, messed up, whatever.
I have one question- WHY DO YOU LET THEM WORK?? If someone is unreliable I know I am not working with that person again. It's just not going to happen.

I love to fuck, suck and can squirt circles around hung over twits that think thier pussy/dick is going to be a goldmine forever- NEWS FLASH- You ARE replaceable. We all are.

One word of advice- Don't TWEET and DRINK. Remember what your responsibilites are to whom you are promoting. Come off as a classy lady/gent not an uneducated low life. Impressions DO count and I get embarassed for the people that don't realize what they are putting out there because they are intoxicated.

I also hold strong to my belief that if you HAVE to get fucked up to do a scene- you shouldn't be in the biz. If it's that difficult to shoot a scene sober than it's obviously bothering you.
When I was a dancer I would hear girls say all the time "I gotta get a few drinks in me before I go on."

Um... Why?? Do the men watching you repulse you so-or is what you are doing to make a living driving nails through your heart?
It's not worth it. I LOVE what I do so I get up and DO IT and I am happy to have a job. I don't think of myself as a DIVA with a platinum pussy (though my pussy does get LOTS of compliments) I just happen to love sex and LOTS of it.

It's kind of like how sad I was watching Kacey Jordan on her goodbye tweet last week. I wasn't sad that she was leaving the biz- obviously she is not comfortable in her own skin- but sad to see what drugs/alcohol have done to such a young girl.

I remember a now departed (as in dead) porn star that was on the feature circuit in the 90's. She would come onstage drunk as hell, on drugs and she was just a mess. I had to dance after her and she was STILL rolling around on the stage in a stupor when my music started. I felt so sorry for her. I have addicts  in my family- I know the pain people feel and that sometimes they use stuff to deaden the pain.... I just don't  understand ruining your life- and BTW this porn star ended up OD'ing and dying.

Something to think about.......

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cal-Osha meeting tomorrow!!

I sadly cannot attend the meeting. I am stuck here in San Diego. I encourage EVERYONE to attend this meeting so that our voices are heard.

Can you imagine watching a porn movie and right when a girls nice wet pink tongue is about to touch another woman's engorged clit- suddenly she breaks out a DENTAL DAM and we can't see the action?

Or when the XXX Stud pulls off the condom for a cum shot but first the actress he is shooting with has to pull on her plastic welders mask so that not a drop of that yummy goodness gets anywhere near her??

Not to mention that I have tried the dental dam thing out in real life just to see how it felt and it felt like NOTHING!!
Do I want to get my ass rimmed with a plastic covering? No, I love the wet feeling of a tongue up my butt!!

Please everyone attend the meeting. It's at the CalTrans Building in L.A. at 10am Tuesday morning.
I love you all

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!!

So Thankful to our Armed forces present and past that have served and many who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. I remember them today.

I am also about to eat a plate full of ribs that my wonderful mate has BBQ'ed up for me. I am telling you if Mercy Monroe didn't cook-I'd starve!! I burn water!!

Someday I will explain why I call him MERCY LOL.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Giving Back

I had a great conversation with a great person tonight. He helps people out to "give back". To me, that is a wonderful concept and one that I practice frequently myself.
So many people in this day and age and ECONOMY- bitch about how bad they have it. How bad do we REALLY have it?

Did you eat today?
Do you have a roof over your head?
Do you have clothes?
Are you loved?

If you answered yes then you don't have it all that bad. Life is so much more than the money we earn. It's the experiences and people we meet. I have learned over the years to smile randomly at people- you just might brighten someone's day even if you are in a "HURRY".

Life throws curveballs at ALL of us in one way or another, its a way for us to learn more ways to cope and to show us the inner strength we have.

Tomorrow- I promise to smile and say Hello to strangers- what promise can you make to change a life?