Monday, June 6, 2011

Cal-Osha meeting tomorrow!!

I sadly cannot attend the meeting. I am stuck here in San Diego. I encourage EVERYONE to attend this meeting so that our voices are heard.

Can you imagine watching a porn movie and right when a girls nice wet pink tongue is about to touch another woman's engorged clit- suddenly she breaks out a DENTAL DAM and we can't see the action?

Or when the XXX Stud pulls off the condom for a cum shot but first the actress he is shooting with has to pull on her plastic welders mask so that not a drop of that yummy goodness gets anywhere near her??

Not to mention that I have tried the dental dam thing out in real life just to see how it felt and it felt like NOTHING!!
Do I want to get my ass rimmed with a plastic covering? No, I love the wet feeling of a tongue up my butt!!

Please everyone attend the meeting. It's at the CalTrans Building in L.A. at 10am Tuesday morning.
I love you all

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